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Koetsu Red K Signature

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The name Koetsu has long been held in high regard by audiophiles. Almost mystical attributes have been associated with the name. The Red was one of the early examples of a high-performance audio device that had some obvious shortcomings, but presented music in such an involving and inviting way that the positive aspects of the performance far outweighed the negative ones.

Koetsu continues this tradition today, although their later products tend to move away from the expected family signature sound, minimizing but not eliminating the unique character we associate with the name Koetsu. That sound is apparent, though, as we look at various models in the line, with the more modest offerings offering a more historic or traditional sound.

The Red T and Red K Signature are very similar in construction.Electrically, the Signature offers a more closely matched core and coil set. Cosmetically, the Standard is distinguished by a sloped base when viewed lengthwise while the Rosewood Signature is rectangular-shaped like the other Koetsu cartridges.

Every audiophile music lover knows of the legendary sound of Koetsu phono cartridges from decades past. Those old enough to have experienced Sugano's Koetsus retain the memory of a musical experience unequaled. Few were privileged to own and enjoy a Koetsu. Many of the converted searched out second and third Koetsus, assuring a long, cherished relationship.




- Output: 0.6mV (1 kHz/5 cm / s) (Rosewood models)

- Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 100 Khz

- Channel Separation: > 30dB / 1 Khz

- Output Impedence: 5 ohms

- Channel Balance: < 0.5 dB / 1 Khz



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