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Peak HiFi is a well established business and was formed in 2004 as audio consultants specialising in high quality audio equipment, with a particular fondness for stereo and analogue equipment, we are particularly enthusiastic for classic turntables such as the Garrard 301 and the Garrard 401. Peak HiFi offers a select range of new and approved used equipment, accessories and services. Reconditioned Garrard 301 and 401 units are available as well as beautifully engineered plinths for these decks. We welcome you to visit us at our premises in the Peak District and to take advantage of our relaxed surroundings and two demonstration rooms where we can demonstrate all of the equipment and assist you with your selection. Please call us to fix an appointment.

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Koetsu Urushi Gold

Koetsu Urushi Gold
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The Urushi’s come in 4 cosmetic finishes Gold (Wajima), Black (Tsugaru), Vermillion and Sky Blue.

The Gold (Wajima) finish encrusts the whole cartridge body with gold flakes and is the most difficult to produce.

The Black (Tsugaru) starts with a base piano-black finish and has bands of gold speckle along its sides.

The Vermillion is finished in a less striking reddish lacquer colour.

The Urushi cartridges are probably the most striking in the whole Koetsu lineup because it encompasses the traditional art of Japanese lacquerware in the production of the cartridge body. Even without reproducing music, the Urushi is itself, a work of art.

The Black (Tsugaru) starts with a base piano-black finish and has bands of gold speckle along its sides.

Urushi refers to the use of colored lacquers, produced by mixing pigments with clear lacquer.The principle of urushi work or Japanese lacquer work is simple: Urushi is the substance of the urushi tree. To return the urushi to wood is the premise of the urushi art. The Koetsu Urushi cartridges are four cartridges with different types of Urushi lacquer applied.

Every audiophile music lover knows of the legendary sound of Koetsu phono cartridges from decades past. Those old enough to have experienced Sugano's Koetsus retain the memory of a musical experience unequaled. Few were privileged to own and enjoy a Koetsu. Many of the converted searched out second and third Koetsus, assuring a long, cherished relationship.


- Body: Rosewood with Urushi Lacquer

- Type: Moving Coil

- Coil Wiring: Silverplated Copper

- Magnet: Samarium-Cobalt

- Cantilever: Boron Cantilever

- Output Volts: 0.4mV

- Frequency Range: 20Hz to 100kHz

- Channel Seperation: 25db/1kHz

- Inner Impedance: 5 Ohm

- Channel Balance: 0.5db/1kHz

- Recommended Impedance: 30 Ohm

- Weight: 9g

- Compliance: 5 x 10-6 cm/dyne at 100 hz



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