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Koetsu Tiger Eye

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Koetsu Tiger Eye


As with all the Platinum series of Koetsu cartridges, it uses a set of very tightly matched Platinum-alloy magnets.

For such delicate work, Koetsu Japan specially commissioned a craftsman to handle the task. The final design was chosen after assessing many prototypes.

Koetsu Japan had long held the belief that the best way of eliminating interface issues between the stylus and cantilever is to build the complete assembly out of a solid piece of material. They decide to pursue this belief by crafting the stylus/cantilever assembly out of a solid piece of diamond!

Every audiophile music lover knows of the legendary sound of Koetsu phono cartridges from decades past. Those old enough to have experienced Sugano's Koetsus retain the memory of a musical experience unequaled. Few were privileged to own and enjoy a Koetsu. Many of the converted searched out second and third Koetsus, assuring a long, cherished relationship.




- Body: Tigereye

- Type: moving coil

- Coil wiring: silver-plated copper

- Magnet: platinum

- Cantilever: boron

- Output: .3mV

- Frequency range: 20Hz-100kHz

- Channel separation: 25dB/1kHz

- Inner impedance: 5 ohms

- Channel balance: .5dB/1kHz

- Recommended impedance: 30 ohms

- Weight: 12.5

- Compliance: 5x10-6cm/dyne at 100Hz


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