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New Zealand Esoterica and Bearing Upgrade

We recently send a bearing upgrade for a 401 to Paul Amies in New Zealand and Paul has been kind enough to share some more information about his HiFi with us so over to Paul:-

"My system isn't very "domestically harmonious and has been a very hands on effort on the part of the speakers . There has been a significant improvement over the last week as the bearing beds in,so I'm even more pleased. I do feel,however,that an opportunity has been lost in not making the spindle longer for us inveterate tweakers who wish to experiment with clamps and mats. There are a few Garrard owners who use Micro Seiki copper mats and in my case Boston Audio Design carbon mat (5mm thick). A small quibble but certainly not on sound quality grounds. I think your mods has transformed and added to the 401's without changing it's fundamental benefits.

My system details are :

  • Garrard 401,SMD acylic plinth sitting on Black Diamond cones,Helius Omega arm,Ortofon Rohmann cartridge,
  • Andros PS1.2 phonostage,
  • Conrad-Johnson ET2 pre,
  • KR VA340 300B amp,
  • Highly modified Klipschorn speakers with different tweeter horn, and soon a new mid horn,external ALK crossover units(blue boxes on wall in photo) modified with the best components I could get,
  • Ayon CD3s cd player,
  • Nordost and Tellurium Black Diamond cables.

The system is very dynamic,has great timing and inner detail,even more so with your upgrades."

We would like to thank Paul for sharing what is a facinating and great looking setup with us.

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