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Simon Re-Discovers Vinyl

Simon gave up his record player many years ago as CD became the most popular replay format and leading a busy life it was convenient and took up little space in fact music was replayed through the DVD/Blue Ray in his AV system.

Simon's original system dating back to the 80's was a Walker CJ55 turntable with Linn Basik arm and moving coil cartridge with step up transformer, A&R A60 integrated amplifier and a pair of Audiomaster loudspeakers.

A couple of years ago Simon came to listen to one of our vinyl systems and was very impressed he had forgonnen how good vinyl sounded not hard at all and very natural. Simon was transported back to the sound he loved from the past, that rich, warm analogue sound.

That was the turning point Simon came back to music and vinyl. A  modest system was purchased from us a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon and a second hand Naim amp and a pair of Kralk Audio speakers. Over the next two years Simon's record collection grew, second hand and new vinyl was bought whenever the correct title appeared and Simon's love of music came back because of vinyl.

Now a couple of years on and having just retired (at 50 lucky man) after many years of service in the fire brigade Simon decided to treat himself to an upgrade and after listening to many pieces of equipment some in his own home he selected the following:

  • Peak PT1 turntable
  • Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge
  • Sugden A21 AI Integrated Amplifier
  • Quadral Chrome 6 Loudspeakers
  • Tellurium Q Blue Speaker Cables 

And what does Simon think?

"It looks and sounds great....it really does sound good.....much better than I expected"

Always nice to have a satisfied customer.

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