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Roksan blak CD Player

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blak CD Player

Housed within the same chassis as the matching integrated amplifier, the blak CD Player delivers a first-class audio performance and effortless ease-of-use.

Internally the blak CD Player uses a totally isolated high-performance disc mechanism to eliminate vibration. In partnership with the blak series’ solid, anti-resonant chassis all the necessary detail for a high-end performance is retrieved from the playing disc. Once extracted from the disc, the digital signal is managed by an audiophile standard chip-set for bit-perfect conversion and an advanced digital clock for optimal performance.

Connecting the blak CD Player to a wider system is simple. For connecting to an external DAC there are three digital outputs available (S/PDIF, Optical or AES/EBU), or for connecting straight to an amplifier – like the blak Integrated Amplifier – there’s the choice of either unbalanced RCA or balanced XLR outputs. Once connected, the whole player is controlled easily with the supplied system remote or via the front panel; additional handy information is displayed on the dimmable LED display during playback.

The blak CD Player is a true audiophile CD player, which puts audio performance first. The result is a device that delivers micro-details and a depth of soundstage that defies belief. Add to that the exceptional warmth and musicality of the overall tone and you have a device that communicates directly with the listener like only the best equipment in the world can.


Key Features:

3 x digital outputs (XLR, Optical & RCA)

2 x Analogue outputs (XLR, RCA)

Very high quality audiophile standard DAC chipset for optimum detail retrieval

Advanced digital clock for top quality performance

Totally isolated disc mechanism to eliminate vibration

Striking design and superlative build quality

Dimmable LED display


Technical Data:

Outputs: Optical




Peak Output: 2.5V

THD: < 0.001%

Linearity: > 89dB

Jitter: < 135ps

S/N Ratio: > 108dB

Stop Band Rejection: > 100dB

Dimensions: Face Plate Width: 440mm

Body Width: 400mm

Height: 140mm

Depth: 305mm

Weight: 8kg

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