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Garrard 401 Thrust Pad and Main Bearing Gasket

  • £24.99
  • Product Code: 401 MKII Thrust Pad

Garrard 401 Thrust Pad and Main Bearing Gasket (New Improved Design)

New Garrard Spare Parts Made in the UK by SMD Acoustics for the Garrard 401.

This is an upgrade/replacement for the existing 401 thrust pad offering a small radius contact area to the spindle and hence less friction than a flat thrust pad.

The pad is machined from high quality phosphor bronze which is far softer than the 401's hardened steel spindle. This thrust pad is identical to that used in the SMD Acoustics V2.0 Turntables awarded 5 Globes by HiFi World in April 2016.

The pad is manufactured to 16.5mm diameter x 9.7mm high as per the original Garrard 401 dimensions.

The thrust pad is supplied with a new bearing gasket

Made to the correct dimensions and thickness.

Important Note: The thickness of the gasket must be correct as we have seen some replacements 2 -3 mm thick and this reduces the height of your platter.

The bearing gasket is made from a high quality resin impregnated gasket material specifically for use with fuels and it is oil resistant, it is more resistant to leakage than the original harder paper/resin gaskets.

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