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Tellurium Q System Disc

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Tellurium Q System Disc

Most music follows a form that can be calculated with a fourier transform analysis and time frequency analysis indicating it is not random, which simply means that your system can get into a “rut”. Like going to a gym and training only a few specific muscles for years and then wondering why your body is out of balance. This recording takes your system through a full workout of frequencies and tonal changes that is specifically designed to stretch your system’s components and bring new life into your music.

We place equal importance on all frequencies and even go into deep bass in a way that sub woofers will benefit from while working up through mids into the upper high frequency ranges in a non-sequential , non- Fourier way. There are also no pure ratio intervals to allow your system to slouch while it is having its work out. This is also one of the prime reasons that music played normally is slow to burn in components compared to this tool. Music does not cover your system’s range in a way that exercises the components sufficiently in a mechanical, electronic and magnetic sense to burn in your various components as efficiently.

What Is on the Disc

Track one (1): A quick check that your cables are working and installed correctly and a pre check of your speaker drivers.

Track two (2): The main burn in track, while you can play the whole recording in a loop repeatedly this is the main burn in track for new components in your system.

Track Three (3): A rapid yoga session for your system to wake it up and inject a little life in to your music.


Image HiFi

“This gave me the opportunity to familiarize myself with Tellurium Q’s burn-in CD, which delivers a kind of intelligent “fitness programme” for each and every frequency range in an unusual sequence. Does it work? You Betcha!”

- Christian Bayer, Image HiFi.com


“And I promise you, you definitely think you got your ears cleaned when you come back. And the CD also works wonders in a computer system. It seems as just every component in the HiFi system favours of this exercise. The sound is absolutely more open and flows just more easy all the way from the source to the speakers. Weird, but true. And as the “Cable and System Preparation / Refresh” CD is just ideal for burning in cables, we really, really recommend you to spend the 20 English Pounds extra while shopping for cables.”

- Mono&Stereo


“We tried naturally Tellurium Q's CD , which should do wonders for all kit, as we were informed. And there was definitely a difference to hear the BEFORE and AFTER this CD, not only in our test facility, but also in several friends' hifi systems. So order or download this "album" and give your plants some much needed exercise. It may be the best 200 kr. That you have given out for a long time.”

- Kurt Lassen

HiFi Pig

“When I first got this CD I thought, yep, here’s another gimmick, but I was very wrong. I have tried lots of test discs, and where many might tempt you with gimmicks, this one is just plain honest.

This CD is like a double-strength medicine, curing the audio ailments quicker than others I have used in the past, and much less gimmicky. It also plays nice music.”

- Janine Elliot

HiFi World: Soundbites

"the final effect was as obvious as cleaning the car windows after a particularly muddy journey. All aspects of the sound seemed clearer, with better focus on small details, such as the decay of a high-hat, and the presentation of the sound was more vivid and effortless"

- Tony Bolton, Hifi World 2015

"I have tried a few of these discs, but never has one made my system and others sound like a component upgrade has occurred. Immediately the dynamics and instrumental timbre of the music are greatly improved. A split second after that you realise that your system's staging stability has never been, well, so stable. The vocal is rock solid central and the rest of the instruments spread out behind them, creating a tangible 3D stage of musicians. Keep up the good work!"

- Dominic Lye, Manager, studioAV UK

“Sent 4 copies of the System Enhacement CD to dealers and I've sold the rest, so I'll be ordering next week... I already told you, but once again, this CD is incredible, and a couple of them phoned me because they couldn't believe such a big difference after playing this amazing CD!!!”






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