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  • £25.00
  • Product Code: Damp-IT

Damp-IT (Set of 4) 

All audio components can be sensitive to mechanical vibrations which can hinder performance. Pro-Ject’s Damp-IT feet are a great solution to remove any unwanted vibration and aid in delivering optimal sound. Designed to work with speakers, CD players and tube amplifiers as well as other components that maybe sensitive to vibrations or positioned on glass, metal or thin wood platforms.

Damp-IT consists of high tech synthetic rubber material, that dampens a wide frequency range from infrasonic to 500 Hz. With the use of the Damp-IT you can play your system up to 30% louder without the risk of acoustic feedback.

Because of its intelligent and rugged design, it can be used for all bookshelf speakers and any sensitive equipment with 4 feet and even with high mass units up to 20 kg!

Key Features:


  • Special absorber feet for effective decoupling
  • Made from hightech TPE (thermoplastic elastomers)
  • Prevents transmission of mechanical vibration
  • Optimised to absorb frequencies from 20-500 Hz
  • Especially for bookshelf speakers, Disc players, turntables, tube amplifiers and more
  • Extremely cost-effective sound upgrade!
  • Available in pack of 4


Technical Data:

Suitable Weight: Up to 20kg Maximum Using 4 Feet

Diameter: 42mm /12.7mm

Please Note: MaiA DS and Speaker shown for usage example only.

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