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12 " Replacement Felt Mat

  • £11.50
  • Product Code: 12 " Replacement Felt Mat

 Replacement Felt Mats

The use of a felt mat helps ensure a smooth and mobile base for a record placed on the turntable platter. Often called a slip mat, their design is simply to sit under the record and on top of the platter. As well as felt mats, Pro-Ject also make a Cork Mat and a Leather Mat, which offer an upgraded performance compared to the felt designs.

The 'Standard' 12" option is for use with:

  • Elemental
  • Essential
  • Essential II
  • Genie (all varieties)
  • RPM 1 Carbon
  • Debut S/E3
  • Debut Carbon
  • Xpression
  • Xpression II
  • Xpression Carbon UKX
  • Pro-Ject 1.2 (all varieties)
  • Pro-Ject 2 (all varieties)
  • Pro-Ject 2.9
  • Pro-Ject 6.9

* These mats are also for use with other record players that use either 12" platters. Support for third-party turntables is not offered.

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