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  • £4495.00
  • Product Code: Supertweeter-GO


Extended-Frequency Response Tweeter for PRESTIGE GR Loudspeakers (Gold Trim)

Extended frequency response tweeter for Tannoy PRESTIGE GR range and other legacy speaker models to enhance reproduction of wide band digital audio formats

25 mm SuperTweeter with magnesium alloy dome and neodymium magnet system extends response to 61 kHz to complement performance of wideband digital formats and increase resolution and detail

Very wide system audio bandwidth minimises phase error artefacts to preserve coherence and detail of sound image

Low loss crossovers featuring ICW ClarityCap * capacitors, air cored inductors and close tolerance non-inductive thick film resistors deliver a more natural and transparent sound

Sensitivity and crossover point adjustable by gold plated brass setting screws to match any Tannoy model

Tweeter pod angle adjustment to compensate for differing cabinet heights

Easy setup for different loudspeaker models with included calibrated location gauge

Gold plated brass binding posts improve signal transmission and integrity

Oxygen free copper with high purity silver plating aids resolution of fine detail

Earth binding post provides grounding to reduce radio interference and improve clarity

Hand crafted American Walnut plinth with gold anodised tweeter housing and trims to match PRESTIGE GR finish and provide a unique and timeless appearance

Tannoy - Over 95 years of British sound heritage and innovation

Designed and engineered in United Kingdom

Note: Special order please allow 7 - 10 Days.


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